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Kiss The Planet Pledge

The Kiss the Planet Pledge is a campaign created by Bali Balm to support eco-friendly, sustainable and cruelty free practices in the production, packaging and use of their lip balm. The pledge is a commitment to use only natural and recyclable products and processes that do as little harm to ecosystems and the environment as possible. As part of the pledge, Bali Balm also partners with grassroots organisations that are involved in conservation, sustainability and humanitarian relief. 

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Simply put, we looked to create a sleek stylish lip balm that appealed to both him & her. New original flavours were critical, so rather than creating generic formulas in a lab, we sought the guidance of a successful London chef. Environmental impact is also a key factor in Bali Balm’s production. We aim to minimise our environmental impact by using vegan and 100% natural, plant based ingredients alongside a strong recycling policy. No cruelty, no synthetics and less waste. This is a legacy to be proud of.

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